About Us


Kylik is of Inuvialuit, Gwitch’in and Scandinavian descent. He grew up in Ontario hunting, trapping and mushing dogs with his father. In 2003 Kylik made a permanent move to Inuvik where he felt a deep connection to his Inuvialuit and Gwich’in roots, his family, the land and his culture. 

His uncles, Gerry Kisoun and Dennis Allen, as well as his Daduk (grandfather) Victor Allen, constantly took Kylik out in the bush where he learned the way of the land. They taught him the stories of his people and important cultural traditions and knowledge. Gerry helped him get his first caribou, Dennis taught him to build a bush camp and his Daduk Victor told him the old stories. With the help of his family, Kylik was able to become rooted in his culture and acquire the knowledge and skills needed to be out on the land on his own.

In 2006 Kylik started Up North Tours (now operating as Tundra North Tours)with the dream of being able to share his love of the Arctic and all it has to offer with visitors from around the world. As a bonus he now spends a large portion of his time out on the land he loves so much!

Kylik is a father, bush man, amateur boxer, and entrepreneur. Come join him on a trip of a life time!


Gerry is of Inuvialuit and Gwich’in descent and was born and raised on the vast and virtually untouched Mackenzie Delta. He brings his many years of experience, travel and traditional teaching to his tours. His extensive knowledge of Inuvik and surrounding area as well as life on the land makes for some interesting and entertaining story telling. Gerry is sure to give you the most informational and enjoyable tour in town. He is a one of a kind guide!

Gerry is currently retired from his work with visitors services at Parks Canada. He is now involved with numerous boards within the Town of Inuvik and has been appointed Deputy Commissioner of the Northwest Territories. He began his career path as a Special Constable in the Provost Section of the Inuvik Royal Canadian Mounted Police detachment. During his career with the RCMP, Gerry was posted in Alberta, Yukon and the Northwest Territories.

You don’t want to miss your chance to see the Beaufort Delta or travel the ice roads with him,   he’s a one of a kind guide!


Barb was born and raised in Northern Ontario surrounded by the boreal forest and lakes galore. Fate brought her to the Arctic when she was still a teenager and she will forever call it home. She has deep respect for the land, the people and the culture and loves spending as much time outdoors as possible.

Barb is Tundra North Tours’ hostess with the mostess as well as an amazing NWT Artist. She has years of experience under her belt doing whatever it takes to get things done. She worked a long stint with the Territorial Government then owned her own businesses for years, one of which was a travel agency in Inuvik where she employed Kylik. While the agency didn’t survive the massive shift in the industry at that time, it did provide Kylik Kisoun Taylor the inspiration and avenue for the tour company to be born. 

Her creative abilities are evident in our logo, website and the promotional products she designs for us featuring her artwork. Visitors may meet her at the airport as she welcomes you to town, or on a tour, or at the office. One thing’s for sure she’ll greet you with a smile and do whatever she can to help you out. Her life experience and passion makes her an extremely valuable part of our team.

You can check out her artwork which is for sale in our Inuvik office or on her website www.heartworkbybabs.com. We love her work, I’m sure you will too!


Dan was born in Jerusalem, Israel and moved to Canada when he was a child. While being raised in Toronto he would dream about moving to the Arctic and learning from the Inuit and First Nations people. In 2008, at the age of 26 Dan would realize that dream as he accepted a teaching position in the Northwest Territories. His dog team started with a street dog named Kodo. A few years later he met Christine Menno, an Inuvialuit girl born and raised in Inuvik. Her dream was to have a dog team one day. Together they are living their dreams as they care for approximately a dozen dogs and have been winning races across the Mackenzie Delta the past few years.

Visit our tours and rentals page to book a tour with Dan, Christine and their beautiful sled dog friends. Enjoy tea and snacks while visiting the race dogs and retired race dogs. Dan and Christine share stories from the trail and you learn about what it takes to survive with dogs over the course of a long Arctic winter.


Shae Bird is a full time wilderness and kayak guide who’s work takes him all over North America. He is trained and certified in advanced wilderness and remote first aid (Red Cross) and has spent much time above the Arctic Circle. Shae has also taught academics in North America and Asia, in addition to outdoor programs throughout British Columbia.

Shae will be instructing an Intro to Guiding summer camp for youth in Inuvik in 2015 with Ukaliq Outdoor Education. This is a 7 day guided expedition for youth wishing to gain an understanding as to what is required to become a wilderness guide. This camp experience would also benefit youth who wish to build on their outdoor leadership skills.

You’ll find details about our Inuvik Summer Camp on the Education page of this website found under the Tours and Rentals page or by visiting this link: http://www.ukaliq.com/inuvik.html