“My dad and I would like to thank you and Gerry again for a tremendous experience.  My dad has been here many times but this was my first trip up north.  Both our expectations were exceeded.  I had a fantastic time dog sledding with Judi and my dad and I could not have asked for a better tour guide to take us on the ice road to Tuk the next day than Gerry.  He was very knowledgeable and could tell us a lot of things we would not have learned about otherwise.  His stories were entertaining and we felt more like we were on a road trip with an old friend, rather than on a tour.  He was so accommodating and stopped countless times for me to take as many pictures along the way as I wanted.  We also felt at all times completely looked after and safe. Meeting us at the airport and taking us back was also very much appreciated. We would not hesitate to recommend Up North Tours to our friends!”

“Great experience with Up North Tours in Canada’s North West Territory. They are very friendly, knowledgeable, passionate about the land and their tours.”

“We spent 4 weeks travelling to the Yukon, NWT and Alaska and this tour was one of the highlights of our trip. Our goal was to see a northern community and walk into the Arctic Ocean. This company is very efficient, friendly, and thorough. We would definitely travel with them again if given the chance. It was worth every penny. Do not miss the chance to see Tuk and learn about the people in this area. Use Up North Tours for the experience of a lifetime.”

“Great experience with Up North Tours in Canada’s North West Territory. They are very friendly, knowledgeable, passionate about the land and their tours.”

“This is the #1 choice for tours out of Inuvik. Kylik, Gerry and the rest of the crew are customer-focused ensuring you have the best local experience. We took the small boat up the McKenzie to the delta with a stop at a whaling camp; across the Beaufort Sea to Tuk; toured the hamlet; and enjoyed lunch with locals in their home. The flight back to Inuvik passes over some amazing scenery.”

“The company is called Up North Tours and is a small family owned company that are super friendly and accommodating.

We took the “Tuktoyaktuk Delta Cruise, the exclusive air and boat tour” from Inuvik to Tuktoyaktuk. This is an incredible experience.

We were driven with a shuttle from the Nova Hotel to the airport then we flew with North Wrigth Airways up to Tuktoyaktuk or Tuk as it is commonly called.

The plane was an old Cessna and is pretty noisy so if you have sensitive hearing, bring some ear plugs.

The view from the plane over the Mackenzie Delta is fantastic.

Once in Tuk, a guide picked us up and took us on a tour of town and we got to go in to a “Ice House”. An Ice House is like a massive freezer, 30 feet down in to the permafrost. You have to climb a ladder down, have good shoes and gloves, it is about -4 down there. This is where the locals use to keep their food.

We also got to go and dip our feet in the Arctic Ocean, you can bring your bathing suit and have a swim if you want.

After about 2-3 hrs in Tuk, we boarded a 22 ft boat for a 5-6 hr ride back to Inuvik. On the way back we stopped at a traditional whaling camp. We were treated to Caribou soup, dried carbou, smoked herring and muktuk. Muktuk is whale meat. Tea was also served.

A wonderful lady runs this traditional whaling camp with her family. Four generations live there in the summer. It was so incredible to see and experience.

The boat ride back can be a bit rough, it is incredible to see the size of the Mackenzie River. This river discharges almost 10,000,000 liters of water per second.

Dress in layers, stay warm, bring a back pack with some power bars and water or a thermos of coffee or tea.

It is a long day but worth every penny. Hope that helps. Don’t forget the mosquito spray.

“I did the Tuktoyaktuk air Tour and it was an amazing experience. The guides were excellent and the owner of the company gave me personal attention when ice issues around Tuk required a change in my original itinerary. 

Top notch service and and a wonderful Northern experience. I highly recommend Up North Tours.”